Board of Directors


Mike Buckpitt, President and CEO

“I am a non-profit program manager/director with over 7 years of leadership experience and I am currently managing a residential facility for young men ages 13-21 that struggle with addiction and mental health issues. I have 4.5 years’ experience serving Veterans through the CompeerCORPS program that unites Veterans through group activities in order to develop the camaraderie we had with those we served with while in the military. From 1993 to 1997 I served in the United States Army as a 19k Armor Crewman (M1A1 Abrams Tank) and attained the rank of SPC E-4. When presented with the opportunity to join the board of Rochester American Warrior Hockey I knew that if brought on I could have an impact and help drive the organization toward its mission and vision. As President/CEO I hope to represent the organization in its fullest and ensure that all members of the organization can meet their needs for wanting to be a part of Rochester American Warrior Hockey.”

Brian Schultheis, Vice President

“US Army Reserves, 1993-1995. I have spent the last thirteen years working in the administrative side of the medical technology field specializing in infection control. Previously, I worked for my college Fraternity, Zeta Beta Tau, in the role of Director of Brotherhood Education, a position I had held in my local Chapter at Oswego State University. I am looking forward to continuing my service to the RAWH organization by helping to build stronger bonds between our membership through league play, tournaments, scrimmages and special games. I’d also like to see our off-ice activities expanded.”

Jason Tuff, Finance Director

“I am currently a Senior Accountant with Durst Image Technology. I served on active duty for 3 years in the Army in Field Artillery. I was stationed in Germany and was part of Operation Joint Guard in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1998. I joined the Warrior team a year ago after not playing hockey for almost 20 years. When I heard about the Warriors I instantly wanted to become part of the team with my fellow veterans. I joined the board because I wanted to give back to the team and the veteran community. Using my background in finance is the best way I can give back and help the team. I look forward to serving the Warriors and hitting the ice again with you all.”

Alex Gianforti, Equipment / Sales Director

“I work for Flower City Glass in Syracuse as Assistant Branch Manager, Project Manager and Service manager. I started working for Flower City Glass as a young man and went back after the military. I served in the Army National Guard for 6 Years. I served in several activations during the conflicts. I had the opportunity to engage in several different types of advanced training while I was in the military. This organization has given me a love of the game on another level. The opportunity to play with my fellow comrades and create great friendships has brought happiness to my life. I am honored to be part of the board and look forward to creating new friendships and giving back to the members of the organization as the organization has given to me.”

Curt Boshnack, Fundraising Director


“I am currently an IT Manager who works with fellow coworkers to improve processes, implement IT solutions, train on new or existing tools, and manages projects to completion. 

In 2009 I left Rochester, NY to go to Marine Corps Bootcamp. I served just under six years in the Marines from 2009-2015. From 2009-2012, I held a unique position as a SharePoint Developer within the Administrative MOS. In 2012, I was accepted into the Marine Security Guard School and conducted internal-external security at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq; Tunis, Tunisia; Bangkok, Thailand, and Juba South Sudan. In 2014, I became the Marine Security Augmentation Unit's (MSAU) range coach and was sent to a Department of State certification program called Basic Field Firearms Officer Course. This certification helped train MSAU on ten different weapon systems. That same year I received my Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Liberty University, with focuses on business and social sciences. In 2022, I hope to finish my MBA at Liberty University.

I am honored to have been selected as the new Director of Fundraising, and I will approach this position focused on servant leadership and will do everything in my power to ensure that RAWH is funded to carry out the mission of the organization.”